The Toddler and The Croc

No matter how many pretty shoes I have purchased for Dolly she is completely obsessed by Crocs.

Last summer Crocs had instigated many a toddler argument between Dolly and her friends when her little friends have witnessed Dolly trying on their precious Crocs.

Dolly has one little friend who we call “biter”, no need to explain why and she is definitely not a toddler that Dolly wants to upset by trying on her Crocs.

I knew then it was time I gave in and purchased Dolly her very own pair of Crocs.  Last summer  there were days when I would like to team her outfit with a pair of sandals, I was shocked how opinionated a young toddler can be over wearing Crocs.

Crocs still continue to cause many a debate in our household. Whether it is now Dolly’s friends who take a shine to her colour of Crocs instead of their own or her friends who like to tease her by running away with her crocs or me trying to explain that they are not an appropriate choice of footwear in the depths of winter.

I will still buy some nice sandals for her this summer in hope it’s a passing phase which I am almost certain it is not.

Airplanes and Names

Why is it on the day we are flying Dolly decides she is going to call me by my real name and not Mama.  Every where we went at the airport and on the plane Dolly was shouting my name.

While I wouldn’t normally mind, it certainly didn’t help me while entering passport control.

Of course in true toddler style Dolly has now reverted to calling me Mama.  Thanks Dolly!!

Toddlers and Trampolines

Dolly never ceases to amaze me.  While watching the safety DVD for our new trampoline, Dolly has really taken a shine to this DVD and constantly asks for it on repeat.  “Peppa Pig” is of no interest to her anymore, trampolining is the new “Peppa Pig” in our household.

She has tried to re-create the jumping moves demonstrated in the DVD in her own special way.

The worrying comment came later when she said:  “mama I want to wear that boys clothes” (referring to the boy jumping on the trampoline in the safety DVD).

I think she now thinks this is the standard clothing to be worn for trampolining.

Toddlers say what’s on their mind

This morning I had a very embarrassing encounter while out with Dolly.  Like a previous occasion Dolly in true toddler form decided to say exactly what she was thinking.

I always try to install the best manners and explain situations so Dolly understands.

However this morning on passing a gentlemen who was asking for money on the street.  Dolly said to me in earshot of the man.

Dolly:  That man looks all mouldy (I think she likes this word since I mentioned mouldy croissants at nursery).  He looks like a scarecrow !!

I then tried to explain to Dolly possibly why the man was in that situation.

I thought that the previous occasion Dolly had been outspoken in front of the person who she was referring to may have been a one-off. However after this morning I have released there is probably many more occasions to follow.

Waking up during the night.

When Dolly wakes up in the night, now that her conversation is a lot more developed its amusing the conversations she has.  Last night she woke up after having a bad dream so while settling her;

Dolly:  Mama, if I was a chicken and lay an egg, do you think the fox would come and eat it?

Another conversation was;

Dolly:  you have a lovely smile mama!!

Me:    you have a really lovely smile too

Dolly:  I would like a really big smile but my lips are too thin.

Shopping with toddlers

Dolly in general is a well-behaved and happy child. However I don’t know what happens to  her when it comes to shopping.  On the very rare occasion I take Dolly clothes shopping with me to one store, as soon as she enters the shop door my child transforms into a someone I don’t know.

As I am browsing the clothes I then witness Dolly running around with statically charged hair after hiding in among the clothes.

I discover parts of the shop I would never have seen had it not been for chasing Dolly around.

Once we manage to get into a changing room without her trying to take her clothes and shoes off, just as I am trying a garment on she announces she really needs to go to the toilet.

You know it must be really bad when my very patient mother hands Dolly over to me and tells me that she can no longer handle the situation !!

Where is the cat?

Today Dolly told me to look and shout for someone:

Dolly:  (Shouting) Jock Cat !!

Me:     Who is Jock Cat (thinking it’s a very random name)?

Dolly:   It’s a cat mama.

Me:     Who’s cat?

Dolly:  It’s Georgina’s, it lives in Cong King ( I had talked about Hong Kong earlier where she must have heard the name but not quite grasped how to say it).

We are a very long way from finding this mysterious cat but doing a good job in pretending to look for it  !!

What friends?

Today as Dolly and I were walking I heard two children shout out Dolly’s name whom she knows well and plays with at nursery.  They ran over to see her, very excited.

I really felt for them as Dolly kept staring at them as though she had never seen them before in her life and despite their efforts to interact they then left looking a little deflated.

This is still toddler behaviour I have yet to understand, “ignoring your friends”.  I may never know the answer.